1.       What is the benefit of this merger?
This relationship will bring many opportunities to our children, as well as, giving us the resources to better train our coaches and athletes. 
2.       Is this a Keyport Program?
This is a World Cup program utilizing our facility, therefore this is not a Keyport Indians program.
3.       Why do we have to buy a uniform and not just rent one or hand it back after the season is over?
World Cup requires the purchase of uniforms for all of their athletes.  This partnership is a long term arrangement between Keyport Indians and World Cup All Stars.  Therefore, your uniform purchase is an investment.  You can utilize the uniform in the coming years and once your child outgrows it you can sell it to a new family in the program. This is common practice.  You may be able to find someone to purchase a used uniform from to lower the cost.
4.       Can my child still join even if she/we do not want to compete?
 Unfortunately, no.  This is strictly a half year competitive program.  Football Cheer is available during the fall season.  However, your child can participate in specialty clinics that will be held throughout the spring.
5.       What are the exact expenses we can fund raise for? Can we fund raise for gym fees?
The only fee that cannot be raised by you is the Registration fee. All other fees can be fund raised.
6.       Does the amount of girls on the team affect the gym fees (lower the fees if more people sign up)?
No.  The monthly fee is a TUITION FEE NOT a GYM FEE.  Therefore, it is not based upon the number of athletes.
7.       Is it still going to be fun for the team or will it be a strict-all star atmosphere?
After having several meetings with owners and coaches of World Cup we have come to find out that there is a misconception regarding these types of programs.  The atmosphere that you have come to love in our gym will remain to be the atmosphere at all times.
8.       Do we have anything to do with World Cup for Fall Cheer?
Once the half year season comes to a close we will all go back to our respective AYC teams. 
9.     Who will be running this program?
Bucky O'Leary (World Cup coach & World Renown Choreographer) and Cheryl Morgan (Keyport Indians coach and Board Member) will be integral parts of this program.  Bucky will be doing choreography for all the half year competitive teams.  In addition he will be a coach for all teams and will be in and out of the Keyport Gym throughout the entire season.  Cheryl will be a coach, as well as, our liaison between WC and Keyport Indians to ensure that all is running smoothly and that your child has the best experience possible.  
10.   Will there be pressure put on my child if they are not as advanced as some of the other cheerleaders? Will they be outcasted?
This is a ZERO pressure situation!  This is strictly to help and encourage the growth of our athletes.  ALL skill levels are encouraged to participate and learn new skills at their own pace.
11.   Is this open to other towns?
LIMITED SPACE IS AVAILABLE!  This program is open to ALL.  We want to help our sister AYC towns to become better as well!  This promotes healthy competition along with camaraderie. 



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